Can you see the ocean blue?

Seventeen years old. Aquarius. My fandoms are Umineko, Shingeki no Kyojin, Doctor Who, Madoka Magica and Pandora Hearts mostly but there are many pretty random things and there's nothing I can do with this.
My apologize for possible mistakes - I'm not from English-speaking country. But I'm gonna do my best.
You can call me Сandy. Pleased to meet you~
Canta per me ↗

I’m leaving for this new blog for some reasons. If you have a wish to continue following me, you are always welcome here. See you again ~






official nge art is what gives me joy out of life


As you can see, I’m still sad

The curse of the timelords


Naegi asked Alterego to take a photo of them together Naegi is the girl in the relationship askjhkjd

Quick Naegiri drawing I did today. I decided to change my tumblr theme because there is a problem with my current one (it double my posts) and I needed a header so… what’s better than my happy OTP? I think this is the most clean drawing I’ve done of them >///w///< 


Shingeki no Halloween costumes!

3. The scouting legion  - Scooby Doo theme.
(i drew this with no reference, so mike is smaller than erwin and levi’s dress is diferent)

Hanji is Velma (nerdy glasses, the  brain of the group ), Petra is Shaggy (strawberry blonde), Mike as Scooby (the recon hounddog),Erwin’s Fred (tall,blond and handsome) and levi’s Daphne ( go-go hechou).

Also: the fanbase speculated that Fred and Daphne had a romantic attraction to one another. kukukukuku